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Metropolitan Avenue United Methodist Church

  Metropolitan Avenue United Methodist Church
  3730 Metropolitan Avenue
  Kansas City, KS  66106
  Phone: (913)831-4531

Previous MAUMC Spotlights

Marvin Ury Marvin Ury, 1912-2010, has a story that is difficult to imagine, let alone match. Family tragedy, poverty, and epilepsy confined Marvin to a Missouri “poor farm” into adulthood. But he emerged from there to complete a career working for KU Medical Center, fill the top leadership roles in the Ben Hur Masonic Lodge, and be a very active member here at MAUMC. Many may not be aware that part of his legacy is the $55,000 that he designated to MAUMC in his will. And while that contribution may never be matched, the way Marvin lived his life and served God is just as remarkable. We are happy to put Marvin Ury in the MAUMC Spotlight.
Ron & Jan Goddard Meet Jan and Ron Goddard. They have been very active members supporting MAUMC with their time, talent, and finances for several years. Jan has been limited by health issues lately, so you do not see her as regularly as before. But she is still determined to attend Sunday services and pops in with Ron on occasion. You might find Ron at the church at 6 AM, 10 PM, or anytime in between. Ron's construction and Jan's business expertise are vital parts of our operation and maintenance. They have both served long terms as trustees and made many sacrifices to MAUMC is those roles. It is a pleasure to put Jan and Ron in the MAUMC Spotlight.
Carol Moody Meet Carol Moody. Perhaps the first thing you will notice is the most beautiful and genuine smile that you have ever seen. But behind that wonderful smile is a person who has been and continues to be a mainstay at MAUMC. Carol's years as the financial secretary have been a blessing to both the church and those who contribute to its support. With that demanding task comes a position on the finance committee to add to her work with worship and personnel. If there is a challenging task around MAUMC, Carol's name is alway one of the first to come up. She and husband Jeff, who for many years did a superb job of maintaining the church grounds and the yard equipment, are vital parts of MAUMC and its mission to serve God's will. We are proud to have Carol in the MAUMC Spotlight.
Margaret Linton Meet Margaret Linton. We all love Margaret. Fiesty, tough, caring, friendly are all words that could describe her. Observing that, despite macular degeneration, she continued to live alone in her home until beyond her 99th birthday gives evidence to her determination. And, even with limitations to her vision, Margaret maintains an active interest in the church and its activities. She makes her presence felt through her continued input and support. The thing that must stand out most about Margaret is that at any event, especially church dinners, she spends most of her time giving a big hug and having an extended conversation with just about everyone in attendance. Scheduled to become a centenarian on December 22, 2015, Margaret could be thought of as the MAUMC matriarch. Long-time Argintine business owners, she and her deceased husband, Jack, also provided church leadership. The church's beautiful pipe organ was purchased through a drive headed by Jack and Margaret provided consistent leadership in the United Methodist Women, the heart of any United Methodist Church. In her more active days, it was understood that the church kitchen was her domain. In the minds of many who continue to work in the church kitchen, it is still Margaret's domain.
Evelyn Cain Meet Evelyn Cain. If you have dealt with anyone in the church office, you have probably already met Evelyn. In her role as church secretary, Evelyn would probably be considered the face of MAUMC. Evelyn was born in Nebraska and grew up in Iowa before moving to the Kansas City area. Having had a career in office work, it would seem natural that Evelyn step in as church secretary. But her job takes more than just the office skills. You see, when money got so tight that the decision was made to not hire a secretary, it took someone who would also make a strong voluntary commitment. At 90 years of age, Evelyn decided to give up driving. But that has not hindered her from keeping regular part-time hours as church secretary. You can always depend on the weekly messenger, usually with some food-for-thought from Evelyn, and the Sunday bulletin. Also, if you are liturgist, she will have things laid out to make your job easier. We are very fortunate to have Evelyn's witness to God being partially demonstrated by her work as MAUMC secretary.