Wednesday Messenger June 1, 2016

          A weekly update from Metropolitan Avenue United Methodist Church

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             I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.                                

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“Our faith is stronger than death, our philosophy if firmer than flesh and the spread of the Kingdom of God upon the earth is more sublime and more compelling.” - Dorothy Day

Philippians 3:20

Pastor Bruce  J

 Pastor Bruce, Janie Wilson, and Diane Stohlmann have been attending annual conference meetings in Topeka this week.  I am sure that they will have something interesting to report back to our congregation.  But, I think one of the highlights for those attending is catching up with former pastors and other church friends.  I do know that 2 former MAUMC pastors, Lloyd Lowe and Phil Brownlee, were among those reported to have passed away this past year. 

This issue of the Messenger will be quite abbreviated due to the absence this week of our amazing church secretary, Evelyn Cain.  Evelyn checked into the hospital with severe leg pain in the middle of last week.  She has since been released to a rehab facility at about 76th and Antioch.  Evelyn reports that it is a new facility and is quite nice.  She was hoping to return home early this week, but it seems that she will need to stay in rehab another week.  Her phone number at rehab is (913) 401-3788.  It is my guess that she would love to hear from you.  If not, I may be in trouble for giving out her number.  Give her a call if you can find time.

Our homebound friends are Virginia Stainbrook, and Beverly Walling.

Other prayers are needed Sherry Tobiason; Pastor Bruce’s mother;  Kristen Barnett; Braydon Barnett; Marlene Babcock, Kelly Dinkela; Sue Miller; Barbara Brown and Marilyn Harrold.  We also have listed for those in the military who are Matthew Wise, Caleb Cook, Cory Marcus, Cpl. Stephen Green, and Spc. John Green.

If there are others, as I know there would actually be, but if you wish to have it in here, please e-mail me at church -

Prayers are also needed for the following area schools:                                                                                              Argentine Middle School;  J.C. Harmon High School; Emerson, New Stanley, Silver City Elementary schools; and all the Turner schools which include, Turner High; Turner Middle; Tuner Elementary,  Junction Elementary, Midland Trail,  Journey School of Choice, Oak Grove and Steps.


Above and Beyond Giving  for June is for Maintenance and Repair.


Every Tuesday we have the Food Pantry for people who live in zip codes 66106 or 661-3.  They may come once a month, from 9 a.m. to noon.

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Any of you who don’t see your birthday or wedding anniversaries in here, then please e-mail them to me and I will put them on our list.  Our e-mail at church is  Thank you.

Please don’t forget we have plenty of spaces on the calendar to sign up to sponsor a bulletin.  We have open dates that you may sign up for on the East Bulletin Board, or e-mail me at church.  As I have said we do use the money (donations of $10 for each bulletin that one sponsors) for supplies in the office, which I try to keep down the expenses.

Coming up in June on the 14th, there will be a Ramadan Fast-Breaking Dinner at our church in the Fellowship Hall.  It will be at 8 p.m., with a reception from 8 to 8:15. Then the presentation about Raman from 8:15 to 8:45 with the dinner at 8:45..  Everyone is welcome, but you need to send an RSVP to Pastor Bruce at

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