Metropolitan Avenue United Methodist Church

  3730 Metropolitan Avenue    
  Kansas City, KS  66106              
  Phone: (913)831-4531 

A growing Christian community
sharing the love of Jesus with all.
We are all God's children.                 
  Pastor Bruce Draper
 "Don't look back, that's not where you're going."
 A strong christian upbringing, a successful business career with
 a period away from the church, followed by a path of continuous
 and continuing spiritual growth within the church could describe
 Pastor Bruce's journey.  Perhaps that is why he appreciates the
 above bumper-sticker like statement. 
 Come, let his journey inspire yours. 
It is a blessing to welcome a large number of African immigrants to our congregation. Although many also understand English, for those who do not, significant portions of the Sunday morning service are translated into Swahili. The children provide an enthusiastic audience for the children's sermon and the Ushindi Victory Choir is both inspirational and entertaining.

MAUMC Spotlight

Rex Morris Meet Rex Morris. Rex and his wife Barbara joined MAUMC in 1975 and have been active workers in the church every since. Their children, Tracy and Daniel, were also active members until moving away to Kansas State University and subsequent careers. Rex was a farm boy from birth until serving in the US Airforce and an engineer by trade. He has alway been one who could be counted on when help was needed. Over the years Rex has served MAUMC in several capacities, not the least of which was cook and chief gravy maker for the United Methodist Men's monthly breakfast. Currently Rex is the lead usher and church treasurer. Having moved twice since joining MAUMC, always making a longer commute, he now travels about 20 miles each way to fulfill those duties. You will not meet a nicer guy or have a better friend. It is an honor to put Rex in our spotlight.
Here are some individuals who have a special need for your thoughts and prayers.
Barbara Brown; Ron Goddard; Connie Hinote; Glendora Mercer & her son in St. Louis; Barbara Morris;

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