Metropolitan Avenue United Methodist Church

  3730 Metropolitan Avenue    
  Kansas City, KS  66106              
  Phone: (913)831-4531                  
  Pastor Bruce Draper
 "Don't look back, that's not where you're going."
 A strong christian upbringing, a successful business career with
 a period away from the church, followed by a path of continuous
 and continuing spiritual growth within the church could describe
 Pastor Bruce's journey.  Perhaps that is why he appreciates the
 above bumper-sticker like statement. 
 Come, let his journey inspire yours. 

MAUMC Spotlight

Evelyn Cain Meet Evelyn Cain. If you have dealt with anyone in the church office, you have probably already met Evelyn. In her role as church secretary, Evelyn would probably be considered the face of MAUMC. Evelyn was born in Nebraska and grew up in Iowa before moving to the Kansas City area. Having had a career in office work, it would seem natural that Evelyn step in as church secretary. But her job takes more than just the office skills. You see, when money got so tight that the decision was made to not hire a secretary, it took someone who would also make a strong voluntary commitment. At 90 years of age, Evelyn decided to give up driving. But that has not hindered her from keeping regular part-time hours as church secretary. You can always depend on the weekly messenger, usually with some food-for-thought from Evelyn, and the Sunday bulletin. Also, if you are liturgist, she will have things laid out to make your job easier. We are very fortunate to have Evelyn's witness to God being partially demonstrated by her work as MAUMC secretary.
Here are some individuals who have a special need for your thoughts and prayers.
Barbara Brown; Ron Goddard; Virginia Stainbrook; Connie Hinote; Beverly Walling; Glendora Mercer & her son in St. Louis;

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